Oskar Forsgren is dead-a great talent are gone

A very special and very talanted man. Cartonist, novellist and illustrator from Västerbotten, Sweden.
He will be missed, and the world has lost a great man.
My thought´s go to his family.

Early one morning in the Moomin Valley Snufkin awoke in his tent and knew that it was fall and break in the air. A break comes as a leap! Suddenly, everything changed and he has to travel in fear of every minute, he pulls up the tent pegs and put out the fire, before he is stopped and questioned, he runs while he heeled backpack on, and is finally on the road, suddenly quiet as a Migratory tree with each leaf of complete rest. Camp site is an empty rectangle of grass whiten. And later in the morning friends wake up and say: He has gone away, it is fall.





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